Some common logic ICs

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This article/section is a stub — some half-sorted notes, not necessarily checked, not necessarily correct. Feel free to ignore, or tell me about it.

7400 series

Originally SN74xx (TI). Many were so basic an useful that other manufacturers created pin-compatibles of many of these.

The generic name is something like 74x where x refers to the many subfamilies that existed over time.

There are over thirty such subfamilies (depending on how you count), but we often see relatively few of them, e.g.

  • 74 - TTL
  • 74H - high speed
  • 74LS - low power schottky
  • 74HC - CMOS
  • 74HCT - high speed CMOS TTL-compatible

Note that the recently produced variants are more likely to be CMOS or BiCMOS rather than classical TTL, but typically compatible.

For the types of function in the series, see but it's mostly things like gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR), buffers, inverters, bus drivers, triggers, latches, shift registers, multiplexers, decimal or 7-segment encoders/decoders, counters, flip-flops, some (tiny) RAM, FIFO, and some more complex things like ADCs, basic modems, DRAM, ALUs controllers(verify)

For example,

74x04          hex inverter
74x14          hex schmitt inverter

74x595	 8-bit shift registers, Serial-In, Parallel-Out, output latches, output enable

74x164	 8-bit serial-in parallel-out (SIPO) shift register
74x165	 8-bit parallel-in serial-out (PISO) shift register
74x166	 parallel-load 8-bit shift register

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