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  • Phonetics is the study of sound(s), usually specifically the (human) voice, and includes pretty much everything else as subfields, including:
    • Phonology, dealing with sound systems in a (human) language and its pronunciation, with some fairly distinct sub-areas like
      • Prosody, the part of spoken language that is not directly phonetic, including intonation and stress. (See e.g. [1]),
      • morphophonology, studying the phonological structure and interaction of morphemes, and
    • phonotactics, the constraints of the arrangements ('tactic behavior') of phonemes, including various syllabic effects
    • Articulatory phonetics, dealing with production of speech
    • Acoustic phonetics, dealing with physical aspects and their relations to linguistic concepts such as phones (verify)
    • Auditory phonetics, dealing with hearing, comprehension and acquisition of phonetic sounds of a language

To avoid confusion, I'm only using the general 'phonetics' as a category for now.

As a field, phonetics includes studying and transcribing speech, comparing utterances (such as accents, dialects), automatically mapping from to and from spoken language, and more. It doesn't concern itself with things like semantics. The only interactions are sound-related ones such as in diphones.

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