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Ice tea, also iced tea (sometimes there is a difference, sometimes there is not) refers to a cold drink with tea taste.

Supermarket ice teas are often sweetened and/or syrup-based, may be carbonated, and often bear limited relation to tea in terms of taste or ingredients. Instant teas not meant to be hot may sometimes be called ice tea.

People that wish for a more tea-like ice tea may make their own, since doing is pretty simple.

Home made ice tea is usually fairly regular (black or green) tea, and made as regular hot tea, while some leave tea leaves in water out in the sun for an hour or so. Making tea hot may work better since various teas soak better in hot water, you can avoid bitterness when using black teas, and be surer of fewer bacteria than with sun tea.

Ice tea is often served fridge-cold, optionally with ice cubes.

Common extras while making home made ice tea include lemon or lime (mixed in as juice or handed along as a slice or half) and honey.

You may wish to make the tea stronger than usual, as you may taste the actual tea less when it is cold, and since the lemon and the honey may overpower it. -->