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Server stuff:

Dynamic server stuff:


Setting/creating contents

Simple extensions

When you want to see what a selector selects:

// Quick and dirty jquery functions to put an outline() or border() on a selection.
// can take their respective css styles; defaults to '#777 solid 1px' for both.
if (window.jQuery) {
 jQuery.fn.outline = function(args){           
   if (!args) args='#777 solid 1px'; 
   return this;
 jQuery.fn.border = function(args){
   if (!args) args='#777 solid 1px'; 
   return this;                      
 //If you're even lazier with typing:                              
 jQuery.fn.o = jQuery.fn.outline;
 jQuery.fn.b =  jQuery.fn.border;                 
//Now you can do things like $('.fork').outline();



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