Units and prefixes

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These are primarily notes
It won't be complete in any sense.
It exists to contain fragments of useful information.
        y  10e-24         Yocto
        z  10e-21         Zepto
        a  10e-18         Ato

        f  10e-15         Femto
        p  10e-12         Pico
        n  10e-9          Nano
        u  10e-6          Micro
        m  10e-3          Milli

       (d) 10e-1 (0.1)    Deci   
      (da) 10e1  (10)     Deca
       (h) 10e2  (100)    Hecto
        k  10e3           Kilo
        M  10e6           Mega
        G  10e9           Giga
        T  10e12          Tera
        P  10e15          Peta
        E  10e18          Exa

        Z  10e21          Zeta
        Y  10e24          Yotta

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