Cooling things

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Physical mechanics of cooling

Passive cooling

Passive cooling tends to mean 'no moving parts'

Evaporative cooling

Refrigeration cycle

Heat pumps

Free cooling

Dessicant based systems

Peltier effect and related effects


Peltier device behaviour and uses

On efficiency

Using the effects - practice and products

When passive cooling works

Windows and windcatchers

Convection in houses

Device cooling

Passive device cooling


Heat pipes and vapor chambers

Personal cooling


Why wind helps even when you're not sweating

Spray bottle

Misting systems

Some small tricks

Wrapped towel


Swamp coolers

Mini dehumidifier

Those small personal ACs

Air conditioning

single hose portable air conditioners

two-hose portable air conditioners

Car AC

"Eco coolers"

Passive effects



Cold and hot drinks