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These are primarily notes
It won't be complete in any sense.
It exists to contain fragments of useful information.


Previously mostly created configured via its own manager (or album list).

Since 0.9.5 they are probably most easily created via the Library search (not playlist search) window:
button → Create Autoplaylist

Once they exist you can edit their search query. See the query syntax.


  • All music (exclude known non-music), according to your genre/path organization, e.g.
NOT %genre% HAS spoken AND NOT %path% HAS MusicVideo
  • recently modified
%last_modified% DURING LAST 2 WEEKS
  • Stored locally (not on network), e.g.
%path% HAS "C:\" OR %path% HAS "D:\" 

  • genre missing
genre MISSING AND NOT %path% HAS MusicVideo
  • useful stuff missing (note: no %, this is about the field, not the value from it)
title MISSING 
genre MISSING 
  • title, album, or artist missing (also the difficult way)
("$if($meta_test(title,album,artist),1,0)" IS 0)
  • artist name is all-uppercase
("$if($strstr(%artist%,$upper(%artist%)),1,0)" IS 1) 
you may want to add
AND (NOT %artist% MISSING )

See also

Genre split

Foobar can split genre values, so that its genre view makes an entry show up under each. By default it seems to split on
(and ignores leading whitespace(verify))

When tagging elsewhere you may see the separators in foobar (why exactly?(verify)) - when that happens, go to the Properties (tagging) window, right-click on the Genre field, select 'Split values...' and OK both windows.

Playlist format