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The idea was to have information in the shape you were looking for.

Also, the idea is to augment.

Links to good summaries, notes, or anything,
intuitive bootstraps like how a friend might explain it,
details if they are typically missing from summaries,
summaries if you can only find a mess of details out there.
a "technically ..." alongside a "and usually this means..."
also in a "if you can't explain it, you probably don't understand it" sort of way.

It has become a general notebook for my hobby projects as well, e.g. notes made making an DIY electonic drumkit or electronics notes in general, or work stuff like ZFS notes.

Also because of the old thing where you process information better if you write it down, because you have to think about it.

Also I sometimes (often) get distracted by figuring out something randomish, like staple sizes or all those symbols on electronics or how people see colors, attempting practical summaries of code licenses, how lava lamps work, analog audio voltage levels, or the difference between doughs, batters, leaveners, the difference between distilled and demineralized water, why the sky is blue and whether that may be different on other planets, what happens when you get thrown out an airlock, etc.

And trying to get overviews over things, like dyes or video formats or lightbulbs or machine learning or image processing or common plugs and connectors. there's a bunch of messy first versions.

I try to distill over time. Sometimes lots of time ^-^


If you think this is a good idea, you may prefer your own.

...but you're welcome here. A fresh set of eyes is always welcome. I'll accept accounts as soon as I see them.

Be aware the GFDL license applies to submitted content, so is freely copyable under that. Don't add copyrighted information.

Wiki started and currently most content by a certain scarfboy, but don't let that stop you.