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In short

If a page here has helped you, cool.

If you wrote some notes that helped you at the time, and that can help others (or yourself a few months later when the details fell out of your head), feel free to dump them here.

It might get rewritten (help with that is appreciated), but if it's useful information, it'll stick around.

Longer story

This is a wiki that should augment or pull together information. A page here should contain pragmatic information for someone looking for the sort of information.

Could take the form of useful summaries and notes where only long explanation exist, explanations where only notes exist.

I think the best content is the stuff you wrote out of necessity - and not just copy-pasted or rehashed basics you can find anywhere.

The more overall consideration put into the page, the better.

Even Longer story

For more rambling, see Helpful:About.

Wiki started and currently most content by a certain scarfboy, but don't let that stop you.