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Rough idea: information in the shape you were looking for. Ideally a "technically ..." alongside a "and usually this means...", like how a friend might explain it.

The idea is to augment. Link to good notes, intuitive bootstraps. Details if they are typically missing from summaries, summaries if you can only find a mess of details out there.

Ideally succinctly, but this has also become my notebook to learn and organize stuff. Also in a "if you can't explain it, you probably don't understand it" sort of way. yeah, first versions are often messy. I try to distill over time. Later may mean years ^-^


If you think this is a good idea, you may prefer your own.

...but you're welcome here. A fresh set of eyes is always welcome. I'll accept accounts as soon as I see them.

Be aware the GFDL license applies to submitted content, so is freely copyable under that. Don't add copyrighted information.

Wiki started and currently most content by a certain scarfboy, but don't let that stop you.