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The idea was to have information in the shape you were looking for, which often means augmenting data already out there

  • links to good explanations if they exist already
  • details if most things are summaries
  • summaries if people only have details
  • "why do this in the first place" if people only have details
  • a   "technically ..."   alongside a  "and usually this means..."
  • intuitive bootstraps, like how a friend might explain it

It has also become a more general notebook, for things like:

Wide interest and easy distraction means there are a bunch of messy first versions. I distill over time.

...sometimes lots of time, because there's a lot of text here and I'm usually distracted by some other interesting thing ^-^ I've started taking out things that have stayed at "a few lines of summary, just organizing my thoughts" level for longer times.