Out the airlock

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That's a serious sunburn, and probably a little cancer.

This matters, but is only really relevant if you survive.

What kills you

Many of the above would eventually kill via some implication or other.

The real question, though, is what kills you first.

In most cases, it's whatever causes oxygen circulation to stop, and chances are that that will be heart failure.

Unless you lose consciousness, because you're unlikely to regain it unless there's a bunch of people working to grab you within a minute or two, stick you in air, and start your heart if necessary, within a pretty tight timescale because it will probably involve things like airlock repressurization.

What happens if you die, on the longer term?

Constantly leaking heat makes you freeze, and leaking moisture will also dehydrate.

All that nasty EM that's about to mess with life processes, but in most places there's not enough of it to do larger-scale damage very quickly.

Decomposition would not happen, because that requires oxygen.

So you would end up preserved for a long time, comparable to a mummy.

Unless you're near enough any gravity well, that's going to be a big part of your fate pretty soon, particularly if there's an atmosphere to burn up in. -->