Graphics card TV out notes

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This article/section is a stub — some half-sorted notes, not necessarily checked, not necessarily correct. Feel free to ignore, or tell me about it.

Fiddling hints:

  • PAL versus NTSC matters, and more importantly, drivers can be stupid and stubborn about using their preference over yours
  • Refresh rate matters - usually tied to the mode you set, not always only to that.

  • I've seen the monitor's refresh have effect on the TV out('s refresh?)

  • I've seen my card go to 0 saturation. Don't assume that seeing a grayscale image must be the cabling, the wrong PAL/NTSC variant, or such.
  • Some TVs adapt to signal when changing input/channel - and not always while you're fiddling on the computer side. It may help to switch the TV to something else and back.

  • There may be a deinterlacing setting. Using it means things look less twitchy, at the cost of a little blurriness. Since you probably want to set a larger font size for SDTV resolutions, a moderate setting is usually worth it.