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REPL = Read–Eval–Print Loop.

Amounts to mean 'takes user input, shows you the result'

Historically this typically meant 'iteractive CLI, on a shell', or maybe embedded in something (like emacs).

The term seems loosely associated with LISP, and seems to sometimes be used to evoke that functional-programming association.

The concept also seems to have recently been widened to "absolutely anything interactive that is at least one step easier than manual busywork", apparently including

  • text mode shell, as before
  • a component you write
e.g. live formatting of markup from a text field
  • web-editable client-only demo code thing - like jsFiddle/codepen/replit/similar, but often a variant specific to the context you named it in - so it's
not very clear whether it's evaluated in-client or via server API
not very clear whether it's whether it means interraction on-webpage, or in a console
not very clear whether it's transient, or saveable
not very clear whether it's collaborative
not very clear whether it's compiled or not - there are things described as REPL that do "take this code for a compiled language, compile it server-side, run it server-side, send me the result".
not very clear whether it actually means "a completely online IDE"