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Praat plugins

Praat is extendible, in a few different ways

Run commands that happen to alter buttons file permanently

If you run Add action command: and Add menu command: yourself or from a regular script, it will permanently altering the buttons file.

You can also put that in a script, which will be a "run once to install this" -- but consider the plugin way instead.


  • nice way to incrementally make Praat do all the things you want


  • over enough time you won't remember what you did

Put things in your Praat profile (Plugins)

Alternatively, place that exact same file in a new directory under your Praat preferences folder.

This will now be run at Praat startup, but not alter your buttons file.


  • picking up what's there at each run is easier for development


  • a little more work

Site installs

Not really there.

Permanent installation in a "regardless of who runs it" requires at least a one-time run (per user/install).

The closest you can do is have such a one-time install install a script that picks up something from a shared folder.

Plugin examples

Praat vocal toolkit

Praat Vocal Toolkit [1]

Plugin manager

ProsodyPro notes

Not a plugin in the sense of 'adds buttons to the interface', more of a script that when run, initiates a semi-automated annotation.