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⚠ This is for beginners and very much by a beginner / hobbyist

It's intended to get an intuitive overview for hobbyist needs. It may get you started, but to be able to do anything remotely clever, follow a proper course or read a good book.

Some basics and reference: Volts, amps, energy, power · batteries · resistors · transistors · fuses · diodes · capacitors · inductors and transformers · ground

Slightly less basic: amplifier notes · varistors · changing voltage · baluns · frequency generation · Transmission lines · skin effect

And some more applied stuff:

IO: Input and output pins · wired local IO · wired local-ish IO · ·  Various wireless · 802.11 (WiFi) · cell phone

Sensors: General sensor notes, voltage and current sensing · Knobs and dials · Pressure sensing · Temperature sensing · humidity sensing · Light sensing · Movement sensing · Capacitive sensing · Touch screen notes

Actuators: General actuator notes, circuit protection · Motors and servos · Solenoids

Noise stuff: Stray signals and noise · sound-related noise names · electronic non-coupled noise names · electronic coupled noise · ground loop · strategies to avoid coupled noise · Sampling, reproduction, and transmission distortions

Audio and video notes: See avnotes

Platform specific

Arduino and AVR notes · (Ethernet)
Microcontroller and computer platforms ··· ESP series notes · STM32 series notes

Less sorted: Ground · device voltage and impedance (+ audio-specific) · electricity and humans · Common terms, useful basics, soldering · landline phones · pulse modulation · signal reflection · Project boxes · resource metering · SDR · PLL · vacuum tubes · Multimeter notes Unsorted stuff

Some stuff I've messed with: Avrusb500v2 · GPS · Hilo GPRS · JY-MCU · DMX · Thermal printer ·

See also Category:Electronics.


This is a vaguely arduino-like board, but with some buttons and leds already there, making some basic interfaces a little less work.

(I have a DEMO V1.2, but different versions are probably equivalent)

Mostly consists of:

  • 17x2 pins exposing Vcc, Gnd, and all 32 pins on ports A,B,C,D
  • ISP header
  • JTAG header
  • 1 power LED
  • 8 LEDs (on port B)
  • 5 buttons
    • one of which is reset
    • the other four are (on which port?)
  • USB mini-B socket
    • Useful for 5V power
    • Apparently the controller comes with a bootloader that implements USB HID device, so you can upload
      • press S4 on reset?(verify))
      • Attached to which pins?
      • (I didn't know this and program without bootloader using ISP)


Board with

  • a TM1638 (LED driver and keypad scan interface), with a bidirectional serial interface
  • eight 7-segment characters
  • eight (dual color?) LEDs
  • eight buttons

Has a header to make it chainable with more of the same