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This is more for overview (my own) than for teaching or exercise.

For some more in-depth material to study, see e.g. the

Math on data:

some introduction · areas of statistics
types of data · on random variables, distributions
Virtues and shortcomings of...
on sampling · probability
glossary · references, unsorted
Footnotes on various analyses

Other data analysis, data summarization, learning

From a wider perspective

Precalculus, when it is a thing, refers to secondary school coursework given to students with technical interests, to give them a thorough review of algebra and trigonometry, and of concepts that turn up in many (applied) technical fields, such as exponents, logarithms, complex numbers, vectors, trigonometric functions, and also things like conic sections, analytic geometry.

Calculus studies limits, derivatives, integrals, infinite series, and such. Alternatively, any calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions (e.g. propositional calculus, predicate calculus, relational calculus, lambda calculus, etc.). Usually taught in technical university studies.

Analysis is rooted in calculus, and sometimes considered a specific part of it. Analysis focuses more on the uses of limits (of sequences and of functions), differentiation, integration and measure, infinite series, and analytic functions, certain types of approximation, and often for both real numbered and complex numbered spaces/variables.

Some relevant concepts