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This is more for overview (my own) than for teaching or exercise.

For some more in-depth material to study, see e.g. the

Math on data:

some introduction · areas of statistics
types of data · on random variables, distributions
Virtues and shortcomings of...
on sampling · probability
glossary · references, unsorted
Footnotes on various analyses

Other data analysis, data summarization, learning

This article/section is a stub — probably a pile of half-sorted notes, is not well-checked so may have incorrect bits. (Feel free to ignore, fix, or tell me)

One possible typology

Ratio data (ordered, meaningful zero point, linear scale, (often) continuous)

Interval data (ordered, no meaningful zero point, possible linear scale, (often) continuous)

Discrete numeric data (ordered, linear scale, discrete)

Ordinal data (ordered, but no obvious numbering so not linear, discrete)

Nominal/categorical data (unordered, qualitative, discrete)

More words

Other terms

Continuous data refers to valued numbering that is not restricted to be discrete/integer.

so ratio or interval data in the above list.

Quantitative data - basically anything not categorical, so referring to nominal/categorical.

More complex cases


Variables, dimensions, and measurement, and experiments