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(temporarily elsewhere)
(temporarily elsewhere)

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This is more for overview of my own than for teaching or exercise.

Overview of the areas

Arithmetic · 'elementary mathematics' and similar concepts
Set theory, Category theory
Geometry and its relatives · Topology
Elementary algebra - Linear algebra - Abstract algebra
Calculus and analysis
 : Information theory · Number theory · Decision theory, game theory · Recreational mathematics · Dynamical systems · Unsorted or hard to sort

Math on data:

  • Statistics as a field
some introduction · areas of statistics
types of data · on random variables, distributions
Virtues and shortcomings of...
on sampling · probability
glossary · references, unsorted
Footnotes on various analyses

Other data analysis, data summarization, learning

Statistical modeling · Classification, clustering, decisions · dimensionality reduction · Optimization theory, control theory
Connectionism, neural nets · Evolutionary computing

(temporarily elsewhere)